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TrueVine Prefilled Communion Cups

TrueVine Prefilled Communion Chalices offers the best communion experience for your congregation. You will appreciate the superior quality, great tasting Concord grape juice, fresh bread, and easy open seals on top and bottom. Available in Juice or Wine along with Regular or Gluten-Free bread.

TrueVine Chalices and Cups
TrueVine Chalices and Cups


TrueVine Chalice

TrueVine Chalice

Elegant easy to hold chalice shape with easy to open top and bottom seals. Available with concord grape juice or wine AND bread or gluten-free bread.

Gluten Free Options:

Juice & Gluten Free Bread

"These are so much better than the ones we were using. The bread in these is the biggest improvement. They are much easier and quieter to open. The chalice itself is a hard plastic, so it’s non-crushable. Everyone in our congregation prefers these."

Barbara, Administrative Assistant

TrueVine Chalice

Grape Juice or Wine | Standard or Gluten Free Bread

TrueVine Chalice Step 1 - Take and Eat

1. Open bread seal. Take and eat.

TrueVine Chalice Step 2 - Take and Drink

2. Open juice or wine seal. Take and drink.

How To Use TrueVine Prefilled Chalices

What Churches are Saying

Verified reviews of TrueVine Chalices

Great Taste and Packaging

Finally, a real cracker and juice taste! Purchased these for our church a few weeks ago and have got nothing but great reviews and others asking for friends or family members of other churches!

Much Better than Other Communion Kits

Much less spillage than other kits. Bread actually tastes like bread, not Styrofoam like in other kits, and the juice tastes like juice, not colored sugar water.

Easy to Open

When I saw this on the website I just had to order it. It’s so easy to open and the product is fresh.

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Get the Box of 6

The TrueVine Chalice Box of 6 is perfect for trying our product with your team, family, or small group.

Product Details

  • High-Quality: Premium Sacramental Concord Grape Juice & ½" Sacramental Unleavened Bread. No added sugar and guaranteed Non-GMO.
  • Easy to open, silent, no-spill seal: Silent, simple opening for the youth and seniors. Bread in the bottom seal and Concord Grape Juice in the top. Hermetically sealed.
  • Classic Design: Unique sturdy Chalice shape makes the cup easier to hold, more simple to unseal, and balances well on communion trays and tables.
  • Carefully Packaged: Sealed hermetically. Fresh and sanitary. Packaged with utmost diligence. Guaranteed arrival with zero leakage, or get a free box on us!
  • Shelf Life: Unrefrigerated for 3 months. Refrigerate for 6 months. Frozen for 1 year. Due to minimal preservatives used in production, our staff highly recommends refrigeration/freezing for freshest taste.
  • 10 Reasons To Choose TrueVine Chalice Cups

    Why Should My Church Choose the TrueVIne Chalice Cup?

    1. Quiet Seal Technology means no distracting noises during your service.
    2. Elegant chalice shape easy to hold, pleasant to look at, and preserves the tradition of communion.
    3. Easy-Open Seal means two separate seals for Wine on top and Bread on bottom to prevent spills.
    4. Easy for youth and elderly to use.Unique design allows for ½"x½" sacramental bread to be used instead of communion wafers.
    5. Quick and easy minimal touching required during preparation time.
    6. Ability to distribute faster or in various ways to provide more time and flexibility for your service.
    7. Economical due to no leftover wine bread, or cups. Simply place leftovers back into the refrigerator for next time.
    8. Sanitary, single use cups prevent the spread of germs and make your church safer.
    9. Gluten free option available.
    10. Everything is sourced and produced in USA.

    Why To Choose TrueVine?

    Easy for anyone and especially older worshipers, even those with manageable Parkinson's can open these. They open with hardly a sound. The taste is fresh for both the unleavened bread (actually has an appropriate taste, as would be expected) as well as the grape juice (sweet like the covenant with the Lord). We have used other options in the past, but as soon as we tried the TrueVine, it was an easy decision to change. These are the best on the market, without a doubt.

    Pulpit Minister

    Excellent customer service and the product quality among prefilled cups is the best I have ever purchased!


     It is indeed easy enough to open; even by those with severe arthritis. We really like the idea of being able to freeze the chalices for future use, our congregation is very small. The juice is real (this was very important to us) and the bread is small but it has a good flavor for being truly unleavened. 


    We used the chalice communion cup for our Baptism & Communion evening. We received feedback stating that the shape of the cup was nice, they were easy to open and the juice was good. Having the prefilled cups was sanitary, convenient, and saved time. We have decided that we will be using these from now on.

    Ministry Assistant

    We ordered these for our Drive-Up Communion for our members that are not yet comfortable being around other people. They were so thankful to receive communion and had no problems opening these, which was my only concern. Thank you for your product!

    Office Manager


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